Baiuca combina muiñeira y baile en “Ribeirana”

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Baiuca combines muiñeira and dance in “Ribeirana”

Baiuca continues to combine electronic music, dance and Galician tradition with a mastery that is difficult to compare with other artists. And a new example is his new single, “Ribeirana”, which you can already listen to on platforms.

This time, Baiuca combines the wildest electronic raver spirit we know him for with muiñeira, one of the most beloved and important musical expressions in Galicia. The result is “Ribeirana”, a song that is at the forefront of his repertoire and works perfectly as a new preview of what will be the third full-length album by the Galician artist and producer, which will arrive towards the end of the summer.

Counting on the collaboration of both the creation and the interpretation of the pandereteira group Lilaina (group from which Alejandra and Andrea Montero accompany Baiuca live regularly), with whom he already counted on the creation of several of the songs of “Bewitched”their previous album.

Thus, “Ribeirana” joins Baiuca’s live repertoire and also the previous previews of what will be the new work of Alejandro Guillánthat is, “Sísamo”, “Alentejo” and “PAEQB”.

As for upcoming concerts, the list currently includes these:

13.07: Ponteareas. Affluent Festival
19.07: Cartagena (Murcia). The Sea of ​​Music
20.07: Huesca. Southern Pyrenees
27.07: Nuremberg (Germany). Bardentreffen World Music Festival
01.08: Dadpuszta (Hungary). Ozora Music Festival
16.08: Ariano Irpino (Italy). Ariano Folk Festival
24.08: Pontevedra. Verbena River
27.09: Barcelona. FSTVL-B
28.09: A Coruña. Porto Nights
04.10: Formentera. TBA
05.10: Melilla. IWA Fest
19.10: Hamburg (Germany). Knust
29.10: Murcia. Desc Festival
16.11: Bilbao. TBA
22.11: Seville. Monkey Week
28.02: Madrid. MAZO – La Riviera Room

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