Amaral anticipan nuevo disco con "Rompehielos”

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Amaral anticipate new album with “Rompehielos”

Since they published “Jump to color” in 2019, Amaral They have dedicated their time to acting and signing collaborations with some artist friends. Now they share “Rompehielos”, which is the first song from their next full-length.

In recent times we have heard Amaral together with Love Of Lesbian (“What are you going to know?”, to Pedro Guerra in “The Other”, to The Killer Swing in “Behind the sea” or Izaro in “Argia”, in addition to their song “ZGZ”, but we were waiting for them to start releasing songs from what could be their new work.

But that moment has arrived and Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre have shared on platforms what is the first preview of their next album. This is “Rompehielos”, a song that, in their press release, they describe as “a lilting pulse between hip hop and reggae, on which a wind section and a hypnotic guitar melody walk. Above them all floats voice, unfolding a text that challenges all those people who find barriers to living their lives freely.

The formation that has recorded “Rompehielos” with Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre consists of Carlos Bueno (bassist), Alex Moreno (drums and percussions), Pablo Fergus (keyboards), Marcos Ortega Martín (trumpet), Dani Niño (saxophone) and Luis Mari Moreno (saxophone and trombone). As for the production, it has been the work of Eva and Juan next to Alex Moreno and Pablo Fergus.

The video clip for “Rompehielos” has been directed by Heaven.

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