Albert Pla utiliza “Experiencia religiosa” contra el capitalismo

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Albert Pla uses “Religious Experience” against capitalism

Albert Pla He never misses an opportunity to attack everything in the modern world that he doesn’t like. Now he uses “Religious Experience” to attack capitalism in a satirical tone.

“Religious Experience” was a hit in the nineties by Enrique Iglesias, who surely could not have imagined that, more than fifteen years later, Albert Pla would use the same song – without even changing the lyrics – to give it a new meaning. What was once a romantic verse has become a satire against capitalism.

To achieve this, Pla has worked with Nineeyesresponsible for the video clip, giving a new meaning to this song that was already part of the soundtrack of the successful television series “The Messiah”Such was its impact that, at the latest edition of the Primavera Sound festival, Albert Pla once again dressed up as Pep Puig to sing it on stage alongside Stella Maris in one of the most viral concerts of the year.

On the other hand, Pla continues with his tour “Rumbagenarians” accompanied by The Surprise Band. You will be able to see Albert Pla & The Surprise Band in Banyoles (28 June, Festival (a)phònica), Barcelona (11 July, Cruïlla Festival), Bilbao (12 July, Bilbao BBK Live), Tarragona (13 July, Camp de Mart), Vic (21 September, Mercat de Música Viva), Santiago de Compostela (26 September, Maré Festival), Seville (27 September, Sala Pandora), Malaga (28 September, Teatro Cervantes), Murcia (30 November, Sala Mamba) and Valencia (10 January 2025, Sala Moon).

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