Aitana details her new era: everything that is known about 'A4'

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Aitana details her new era: everything that is known about ‘A4’

Aitana is about to introduce us to her new era, according to LOS40. In fact, as soon as next July 5, the date on which the Catalan artist will release her new single. At the moment, there is no confirmed title. This is everything we know about ‘A4’.

After the great success of ‘alpha’, Aitana is ready for a change of scenery. Yesterday, she uploaded a video online of her announcing her next job along with emojis of a key, a hotel and an ace of spades, as well as an hourglass that indicates that she has already started the countdown. . This is part of the gift she gave today to her fans.

The Catalan artist has invited her fans to enter her “room” with a code obtained by subscribing to her newsletter. The key in question is “mesalgoconlamia”, which could be the title of her next song, but at the moment, there is no confirmation. When entering the code and accessing the page, Aitana welcomes us with a video: “Welcome to my room.”

He then reveals the release date of the single that will begin his new era: «Since we are here in privacy, for my birthday I wanted to give you a little gift and that is to tell you that my next single comes out on July 5. Stay tuned to my networks,” concludes the former OT contestant. We remember that Aitana’s last release was a collaboration with Sen Senra for the Galician’s album, ‘Hermosa Casualidad’.

As for exclusive details about her next album, Aitana told LOS40 that she has two international collaborations prepared with which “you’re going to be really amazed.”

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