Estrenamos el videoclip de “Rocíos”, nuevo adelanto de Carlos Ares

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We premiere the video clip for “Rocíos”, new advance by Carlos Ares

We premiere the video clip for “Rocíos”, new advance by Carlos Ares

After his sold-out concert in Madrid, the Madrid-based Galician artist Carlos Ares premieres with us the video clip of his new single “Rocíos”, a song that will be part of his album “Pilgrim”.

Carlos Ares confirms what will be his first album “Pilgrim” with the song “Rocíos”, which premieres with a personal video clip directed by himselfand the multidisciplinary artist Moon Ki. Once again set in the rural world, the clip explores the motifs of the road and rebirth, so present in this stage of the ‘Pilgrim’.

This pilgrimage has already gone through several seasons: “Velocity” was the starting signal for this new stage, which was followed by pieces such as “Cigarra”, “Here still” and the exercise in introspection and consciousness that is “Earthling”. Now it’s the turn of “Rocíos”, with which Carlos Ares continues his journey of self-knowledge and great songs.

The song is one of the most special songs in Carlos Ares’ repertoire. The artist from A Coruña once again exudes honesty in lyrics that map an emotional state in which he takes charge of the fragility of the meaning we give to our lives. In the musical section, “Rocíos” grows organically, marking Carlos Ares’ recent creative stage towards a denser production, with more synthetic details used to capture the restlessness present in the lyrics.

The essence of Carlos Ares is also reflected in his live shows. The last of them, at the Café Berlin in Madrid on October 11, ended with a sold out and the unanimous acclaim of the public. In a time where artists find it increasingly difficult to attract a loyal fan base with less orthodox proposals, Carlos Ares has managed to get thousands of followers into the pockets with songs full of truth.

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