Estrenamos el videoclip de “Laga” de Wilhelm del Colectivo Ostatua

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We premiere the video clip for “Laga” by Wilhelm from the Ostatua Collective

We premiere the video clip for “Laga” by Wilhelm from the Ostatua Collective

“Laga”, produced and performed by Guillermo Mutiloa aka Wilhelm, is the second single from “12.12.12”the album of Ostatua Collective.

The second single from “12.12.12”the album of Ostatua Collectiveis called “Laga” and has been composed and performed by Guillermo Mutiloa under his alias Wilhelm. The musician and producer from Pamplona, ​​in charge of producing and recording the entire album at MOTUmusica, has been in charge of adding the guitar, percussion, charango, lyrics and voice to this new advance of the very interesting project of the Ostatua Collective based on traditional and popular music. The disc “12|12|12”which will be released on November 24 in digital edition and 12” vinyl (bandcamp) includes songs by artists such as Amaia (whose first single we premiere here) and Iñaki de KokoshcaOihana from ManesJuan and Tamu Ex boyfriendsCristina de Juarez, German CarrascosaGorka by Beunza Gap or the producer of the project himself, Guillermo Mutiloa from Wilhelmamong others.

“12|12|12” born in the workspace MOTUmusic (production, recording studio and rehearsal space active in Pamplona since 2010) to try to give artistic form to the connection and concern shared between the artists who come together in said space. During the production of the albums in these years and the result of countless hours, concerns and conversations beyond the musical, a pleasant point of connection related to traditional music, popular singing, the local artistic fabric, customs, rurality or nature. These topics constantly emerge in conversation during work sessions in the studio, in rehearsals or in recreation areas. Without being fully aware, it has turned out to be a unifying point that structures and gives artistic form to this work. “12|12|12” is a curatorial and collective creation project, which aims to respond to the current artistic context in musical practice and social life. The songs revolve around costumbrismo as a connection point in a visceral impulse that responds to a contemporary experience and self-discovery. 12 songs from 12 individual subjects cast on a 12 inch object of common cellulose acetate. It is the result of the collaboration of Pr0t0c0lectiv0 with the Ostatua Collective and the help of Government of Navarra for the publishing of records for non-profit entities.

We exclusively present the video clip for “Laga”, made by Gorka Beunza.

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