Estrenamos “El Palmar”, segundo adelanto del nuevo trabajo de Viven

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We premiere “El Palmar”, the second preview of Viven’s new work

We premiere “El Palmar”, the second preview of Viven's new work

After “The Skeleton King” –recently released on Rockzone–, today we have the pleasure of releasing the second preview of the next work by They live.

“El Palmar” is the second preview of “Here in Infinity”, which will be the third album by Viven, a group that returns to activity after five years of recording silence. After “El Rey Esqueleto”, the band recovers its most powerful and hardest sound, built on well-marked basses and guitars with their own identity.

“El Palmar” is, in the band’s words, a “criticism of this society of making people see, of the constant search for the locus amoenus completely alien to reality. All wrapped up in a video of Lynchian inspiration”

After the acclaimed “The Guts and the Mud” 2018 that turned Viven into an almost cult band within the arid national underground scene, the Barcelonans are back with a new video and a song that maintains the essence of their first two works and that works as a perfect preview of what is to come. be “Here in Infinity”for which we will have to wait until November 10.

“El Palmar” was recorded between Ultramarinos Costa Brava and Maracas Estudio by Santi García, Jorge Mur and Eloi Martínezproduced by They livemixed by Santi Garcia and mastered by Victor Garcia.

The video is a production of Cultural Dogsdirection and assembly are Juli Bazooka and the visual effects and color treatment by Victor Gomez Gonzalez. The piece has the collaboration of the dancers Alex Mas and Núria Bonet from school Swingcats and of Daniel Saez As the Dark Lord.

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