Estrenamos “Cara o cruz”, adelanto del nuevo disco de Colajets

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We premiere “Cara o cruz”, a preview of the new Colajets album

We premiere “Cara o cruz”, a preview of the new Colajets album

The Baracaldese Colajets They show us a preview of their fourth album, which will be released soon with Gaua Records.

The rockers Colajets They return with a new album five years after the already distant one “III” (2018). It will be a fourth album that will include this “Cara o cruz” that we present exclusively to you below, with a video clip made by Gauaalso in charge of the production of the album.

Colajets is a quartet that emerged in Barakaldo formed by Borja “Piti” (voice, harmonica and percussion), Fito (solo guitar), Raúl (guitar and choir), Jon Mikel (drums and backing vocals) and Txopo (bass and backing vocals). Their lyrics and riffs are influenced by bands like The Cult, AC/DC, Sex Museum, Burning, Gun’s n Roses, Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, M-Clan, tequila… As they point out, in their work they seek “the sweat of rock n’ roll as its essence: brilliant guitars building classic rock with each riff and each pluck; a rhythm section that supports with passion; and the voice, closing the circle of Colajets’ sound. The lyrics draw on the mythology of bastard rock n’ roll “You know: rock, sex, drugs, alcohol, money and leopard skin.”

15 years have passed since their self-titled debut album (2018) and, since then, they have signed “Animal instinct” (2011) and “III” (2018). Always with direct, fun and cheeky rock and roll as their flag.

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