VVV [Trippin'you] mantienen su energía y crudeza en “Zugzwang”

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VVV (Trippin’you) maintain their energy and rawness in “Zugzwang”

VVV (Trippin'you) maintain their energy and rawness in “Zugzwang”

The Dirty Electronics Band VVV (Trippin’ You) advances the single “Zugzwang”, which will be part of his next album. The song is accompanied by a video clip that you can also see on platforms.

The Madrid trio, formed by Elinor Almenara, Adrian Bremmer and Salvador Urbaneja, is known for its provocative and raw sound that we can see reflected in the song “Zugzwang”, which they have just released. In fact, the trio has been building a passionate fan base for years through works like the album “Scale” (20) or the acclaimed album “Turboviolence” (twenty-one). And the trajectory of the group, which defines itself more as a sonic revolution, has led them to the most prominent stages of the national alternative scene, in addition to conquering audiences in the United States, Mexico and Colombia.

“Zugzwang” is the first single from what will be their next album, which is the term used in chess to refer to a move in which one of the players must move, even though the final result leaves them at a disadvantage. It is a nod to that feeling of defeat and helplessness; of not being able to get out of a loop. The verses of the song travel at 185bpm and refer us to bands like Front Line Assembly or the first and furious works of Atari Teenage Riot.

The video clip that accompanies the song, and has already been published on YouTube, alludes to the meaning of the title, and simulates a chess game, recorded with the gray and blurry aesthetic that best fits the sound essence.

Under the video clip you can see the group’s live dates in the coming months.

VVV (Trippin’you) concerts on Vaciador Tour 2023-2024:

Nov. 30 – Valencia – Jerusalem – Tickets
Dec. 1 – Castellón – Menta Micro Club – Tickets
Dec 2 – Barcelona – Razzmatazz – Tickets
Dec 5 – Oviedo – Sala Gong – Tickets
Dec 6 – Bilbao – BBK Room – Tickets
Dec 16 – Valladolid – Cientocero – Tickets
Dec 23 – Zaragoza – Feliz Feliz – Tickets
10 Feb. – Salamanca – Potemkim – Tickets
23 Feb. – Granada – Ground Floor – Tickets
24 Feb. – Murcia – REM Room – Tickets
2 Mar. – Donosti – Dabadaba – Tickets
8 Mar. – Málaga – Cabaret Garage – Tickets
9 Mar. – Seville – Room X – Tickets
16 Mar. – Tenerife – Aguere Cultural – Tickets
5 Apr. – Madrid – La Riviera – Tickets
19 Apr. – Santiago de Compostela – Malatesta – Tickets
20 Apr. – Vigo – Mondo – Tickets

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