Vince Clarke da un nuevo golpe de timón en “White Rabbit”

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Vince Clarke takes a new direction in “White Rabbit”

Vince Clarke takes a new direction in “White Rabbit”

After releasing the medieval-inspired single, “The Lamentations Of Jeremiah,” Vince Clarke surprises with “White Rabbit”, a true totem against technological dependence

Society advances and we advance, hence the trawling of progress always takes us down unknown paths. The most significant is that of technology, always an acidic topic; We all know this (or perceive it) and many of us keep quiet about it, but you can be sure that Vince Clarke, former member of famous groups such as Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasurea true synthesizer activist who changed music forever, is not one of them.

Clarke, after many years in the industry, will release what will be her first solo album, “Songs of Silence” (Mute Records, 23). In September the first single was released, “The Lamentations Of Jeremiah”, and now the English multi-instrumentalist is back with a second single, “White Rabbit”, where technology as a victimizer and hoarding entity takes center stage.

Unlike the aforementioned first single, “White Rabbit” appeals to the escape and stalking of that uniform and relentless monster that technology can be. With a clear dynamic in crescendo and with the wind instruments as a flag, Clarke’s new song works as an immersive experience, but also as a warning. On the other hand, the video clip that accompanies the song highlights its dystopian and mechanized condition, without hesitation, with an almost expressionist, nightmarish aesthetic, which immerses us in the unknown hole of the white rabbit.

Whether with a more classic first song or a more alienating and tribal second, Vince Clarke continues his journey towards what will be his first album, the aforementioned “Songs Of Silence” (Mute Records, 23), and that will be released next November 17.

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