“Veneno”, el apasionado western crepuscular de Paul Rodie

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“Venom”, Paul Rodie’s passionate twilight western

“Venom”, Paul Rodie's passionate twilight western

we premiere Poisonthe second single from Paul Rodie, the new project by Granada musician Pablo Rodríguez. The video clip for the song was filmed in the Tabernas desert (Almería).

Paul Rodie is the alter ego and new project of the Granada composer, singer and guitarist Pablo Rodríguez (The Miskins Ronson, Los Chill). After becoming known with Something super spicel, a first single clearly influenced by the brightest songs of groups like Teenage Fanclub or Big Star, Paul radically changes gears with a second single that will be part of his debut album, scheduled for 2024. The classic coordinates are left aside. of power pop and the numerous cinephile winks that punctuated that video clip filmed in the city of Granada.

On this occasion, the same characters from Something super special They move to the Tabernas desert, in Almería, to star in a kind of twilight western that recalls the couple from “The Hawkline Monster”, the novel by American countercultural writer Richard Brautigan. The letter of Poison It is an explicit declaration of adolescent love, pure and direct, without artifice, which explodes in the chorus: “Oh, my love / keep me in your heart / Oh, my love / how pretty you are.” This time the sound of the keyboard takes center stage in the song along with a passionate performance of Paul Rodiewho, in the shoes of a cowboy with the looks of a glam star, has just married the girl of his dreams.

An intense rock ballad with a rainbow landing on the sand of the Almeria desert? An updated and cool version of the melodic artists of the 70s and 80s? Love metal? The roar of blank bullets from a fiery Gothic cowboy? It is difficult to define and encapsulate Poisonwhich captivates and generates addiction for the same reasons as Brautigan’s books: for its purity and honesty, for its ironic sense of humor, for its ability to connect artistic talent with the most absurd occurrences. Paul Rodiea self-confessed fan of pop and alternative rock made in the 70s and 90s, has recorded and mastered Poison in the recording studio Carlos Diaz (Los Planetas, Colectivo da Silva, Soleá Morente) in Granada.

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