Varry Brava homenajean a su tierra y a Radio Futura en “Tierra para bailar”

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Varry Brava pays tribute to his land and Radio Futura in “Land to dance”

Varry Brava pays tribute to his land and Radio Futura in “Land to dance”

The new hit single from Varry Brava It’s called “Land to Dance”, a song that tells us what their next album will be like, which will be released in 2024. And it is also a tribute to their land.

“Tierra para baile” is another of those songs that are unquestionably catchy and danceable; in this case a techno and moving song that places the band in its origins and pays tribute to The Vega Baja del Segura already Future Radio, one of his inspirational and fetish groups. The song marks the beginning of a new stage in the musical career of the Murcian band as it previews what the group’s next album will be like, which will be released in 2024 and about which we know little to date.

The song comes just a few days after the end of their tour, which has lasted three years, and with which they have toured the main festivals in our country and which culminated with the release of “Bambú”, their last single released. “Land to dance” is not only an advance in terms of sound, but also illustrates a new aesthetic and musical concept: the one that will define their next album. A symbiosis between pop and dance that seeks to excite and make the listener vibrate. “Land to dance”, in addition, is accompanied by a video clip, which takes us to this arid landscape of the interior of the Vega Baja and with that two-mile style, directed by Squid Dojo.

With five studio albums published and more than thirteen years of experience behind them, Varry Brava is one of the most recognized bands on the Spanish indie scene, indispensable in the concert cycles and festivals of our country. Their music and style continue to occupy hit lists, especially with their catapult into the media spotlight after being candidates in the Benidorm Fest in 2022.

The new year 2024 awaits many new things in leaps and bounds, full of news for the band with the publication of their sixth studio album, with which they return to their musical origins with songs with catchy and optimistic lyrics. In addition, the band will say goodbye to 2023 with the 10th anniversary of its first album, where its most sung song “No gires” is found.

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