Veinte mil personas se postulan a “probador de conciertos” en WiZink Center

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Twenty thousand people apply to be “concert tester” at WiZink Center

Twenty thousand people apply to be “concert tester” at WiZink Center

A collaboration between the job offers portal Infojobs and the WiZink Center of Madrid offers a position “of concert tester” to which more than 20,000 applicants have already applied.

The Infojobs employment platform promotes the “Cool Jobs” initiative. This proposal aims to offer those jobs that many of us have dreamed of. The latest offer that has revolutionized the platform is the “concert tester” of the WiZink Center. Among the “Cool Jobs” that have already been offered previously we find such curious positions as “roller coaster tester in PortAventura” or “Maxibon ice cream taster”.

In less than 24 hours, more than 20,000 applicants have offered themselves for the position, and the working conditions make work a very striking experience. The salary for attending three concerts exclusive in the WiZink It is €1,000. The experience is not only about attending the concert, but the lucky one who wins the job will be able to meet the artists, attend sound checks and go into the dressing rooms. In addition, round-trip travel and accommodation are offered. The only requirements are a love of music and a talent for having fun.

The CEO of WiZink Center, Manuel Saucedo has commented on this proposal that “InfoJobs It has presented us with a good opportunity to give visibility to the work behind the organization of a great concert. They have a lot of “glamour”, undoubtedly, but also an enormous burden of responsibility on professionals with enormous experience and preparation. “We will be delighted to receive the “concert tester” and make him or her experience everything that the general public does not see at a concert.”

There is still no official confirmation of who the artists will be performing at these concerts, but the job offer gives some clues as to who they may be. From Infojobs They guarantee that “you will be able to feel BUTTERFLIES or LOS ANGELES and it is not because you are THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF or because you are in BERLIN” that “So that you do not have 20 YEARS WITHOUT NEWS you will be able to meet your favorite artists.” Thus, the artists who will star in the experience of this “Cool Job” seem to be able to be Aitana and Melendi.

The offer is only available for three weeks and to qualify for this “concert tester” position you only need to be registered on the platform Infojobs. You can apply for the job through this link.

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