Homenaje a “VS” de Pearl Jam con The Mañana Culture e invitados

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Tribute to “VS” by Pearl Jam with The Mañana Culture and guests

Tribute to “VS” by Pearl Jam with The Mañana Culture and guests

Almost thirty years ago, it was published “VS” of Pearl Jam. Now Estúpida Fregona organizes a tribute to the band and this album in particular. The group of The Mañana Culture will perform it in full with guests from bands like THE either Money.

“VS” It was the second full-length album by the American band Pearl Jam and one of the most acclaimed of their career. Published on October 19, 1993, this month turns thirty years old. Hence a special tribute that Spanish website dedicated to the Estupida Fregona group will dedicate to the album next October 21 in the same room where Pearl Jam performed for the first time in our country (the legendary Sala Revolver) which is now known as The Bassement.

But if the performance of The Mañana Culture were not enough, the group will have the occasional support of Luis Albert (LA), Sean Marholm (Money) and the Michelin star chef Pepe Solla to give shape to such a vibrant and brilliant repertoire. Thus, this tribute to “VS” comes four years after the one that was held regarding “Vitalogy”becoming a must-see event for fans of the Seattle group, one of the icons of grunge first and of rock in general later.

The band that will carry out the tribute, The Mañana Cultureis not a tribute band as such, it is a recently created group made up of renowned studio musicians who have released their first album, “Bravado”, a few weeks ago. They are faithful followers of Pearl Jam and also Estúpida Fregona, which is why they have joined this special concert.

In any case, the tickets are on sale at this same link. And you can get more information at www.estupidafregona.net.

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