"El mundo se quema", nuevo videosingle adelanto de Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros

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“The world is burning”, new preview video single by Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros

"The world is burning", new preview video single by Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros

Quentin Gas & Los Zingaros finalizes his new album and the return of one of the most exciting projects of that new scene coming from the South. The world is burning is the second preview of an album that will be released in 2024. An incendiary single whose video clip we debut in UMusic.

It has taken Quintín Vargas five years to return with his project Quentín Gas & Los Zíngaros. Fusion of pure flamenco with rock and avant-garde electronics, zero appropriationism, one hundred percent authenticity. Quintín is the son of Concha Vargas, Great Gypsy Lady of Flamenco Dance, who participates in the voices of this The world is burning, second of the songs known from the album. The first was Amen. In this song, Quintín fuels the classic controversy between the purity and the avant-garde of flamenco, between payos and gypsies, how they behave when faced with this crossroads, and launches this cry in this song: “gachó, don’t be so gachó and you gypsy, don’t be so Gypsy”.

They come back Quentin Gas & Los Zingaros after strolling with his two previous albums, Caravan (2017) and Universal Symphony Cap.02 (2018), through all the festivals in Spain, visiting different continents and countries (Colombia, Morocco, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy,…) and with its songs appearing on soundtracks of films, series and advertising.

Quentin Gas & Los Zingaros Years ago they opened a path along which bands like La Plazuela, Califato ¾ or DMBK now travel. Purity and the avant-garde, psychedelia and flamenco, Kanye West and Rosalía, Las Corraleras de Lebrija and King Gizzard, Frank Ocean and Enrique Morente, the lyrics twisting to become music and the music exploding in a thousand directions at the same time. A celebration of rhythm and strength at the service of the feelings of this live animal. It is impossible not to think about the staging of this proposal.

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