La gira de Ithaka cierra la tercera edición de VillaSoundBilbao

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The Ithaka tour closes the third edition of VillaSoundBilbao

The Ithaka tour closes the third edition of VillaSoundBilbao

The Guipuzcoan quartet Ithakhas been chosen by the VillaSoundBilbao jury to perform the VSB TOUR, a tour of four concerts that will be held in four locations in the State.

The concert tour starts this weekend, stopping in four locations and accompanied by bands of the stature of Belako and Apartamentos Acapulco: Toledo (November 3 with Belako), Zaragoza (November 25 with Apartamentos Acapulco), Córdoba (10 December with Belako) and Gernika (December 29 with El_Txef_A). The band has been selected after the mentoring phase in which they also participated Julen, Nko, Lova Lois, Sofia V and marban.

Ithaka come from the new scene that is emerging in Gipuzkoa, specifically from Orio and Zarautz. The group is made up of four young people from 2004: Josune Freire (drums), Eneko Eizagirre (bass), Arantza Igartua (guitar) and Leire Olariaga (vocals and keyboard). Last year (2022) they were winners of the Gaztea Maketa Lehiaketa public award, and this year they have been selected for the Katapulta Tour Guipuzkoa circuit.

This 3rd edition of VillaSoundBilbao, organized by the Bilbao City Council, started with VillaSoundBilbao FEST, the first phase with concerts in Bilborock of the 12 bands initially selected; Later came the second, VillaSoundBilbao MENTORING in which 6 of those 12 groups (Julen, Nko, Lova Lois, Sofia V and Marban, as well as Ithaka) were chosen and received training and professional support, and the third and last was the VSB TOUR , which will put an end to the third edition of this Festival.

This is the Tour schedule:
November 3, Friday – Toledo / Art Circle: Belako + Ithaka

November 25, Saturday – Zaragoza / Room Z: Apartments Acapulco + Ithaka

December 10, Sunday – Córdoba / Hangar Room: Belako + Ithaka

December 29, Friday – Gernika / Astra room: El_Txef-a + Ithaka

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