El Big Up! de Murcia vuelve a la calle

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The Big Up! from Murcia returns to the street

The Big Up!  from Murcia returns to the street

Of the October 19 to 21 The eighth edition of the Big Up! Murcia. After avoiding the pandemic and promoting its launch of new bands, this meeting with the music industry from its germ, returns with all its usual programming, including the display of emerging talent through the streets of the city.

The last scheduled edition with its full format was 2020. The pandemic forced us to improvise a streaming then in beta format. This year, the Big Up! It will also include virtual stages as a tool already widespread in the music industry. As some emerging Arde Bogotá sang in that last edition of 2019, time and attitude have not passed in vain for this event that seeks to put on its panels everything that pertains to this profession.

Thus, of October 19 to 21 in it Párraga Center of Murcia, an extensive program of talks, round tables and meetings will be developed throughout this eighth edition. On the table, topics that confront a before and after in the music industry to define its present, is the case of the talk of Javier Lorbada about the pitch and the playlists, or the chat with Bora Discs and Marilians Records to claim the dynamic role of these record stores in the city scene. Those musical cities denomination of origin such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Granada or Murcia itself and which will be discussed in a panel about who promotes them, the importance of institutional support or the solvency of that private fabric of venues, venues and festivals that illuminates them.

In the Big Up! will be analyzed the impact of the fan and the hater on the musician and his career. And perhaps this is the result of the lack of skill in musical writing, although this will be on another table and another day. And speaking of chronicles, Laura Piñero will make us an envelope Drothat independent record company that changed everything and with the presence of Servando Carballar and Marta Cervera. Because let’s not forget that Big Up! It is an urban term that became popular in the 80s as a way to show respect to someone, also as a source of inspiration. And as a very beloved musician said at Big Up!, if inspiration comes to you, let it catch you working. That’s what he’ll talk about this year. Sean Fruits (Second), protagonist of the inspiring talk and will do so when questioned by Daniel Sanchez (Bogotá burns). The gap between men and women in the music industry is not inspiring, but the four professionals who will talk about how they have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in a still very masculine union are.

Because in the Big Up! Many questions will be asked, some more uncomfortable than others. Am I interested in playing at a festival? What is the pitch for? What role does the fan play in the development of the artist? And the manager? Are record stores generators of the local music scene? How can I go on a tour without being stranded on the road? Custom songs using artificial intelligence technology? All this and more.

Big Up! Streets

Four Murcian groups and two national groups will be part of the ninth edition of Big Up! Streets from Murcia, who with the collaboration of the Murcia City Council, will present their talent and potential in the presence of a good number of professionals from the music industry at a national level, made up of delegates from record labels, festival promoters and specialized press, among others. sectors.

Taking into account compliance with the rules, and the viability of the proposal due to the characteristics of the event, that is, a particularly reduced live format that the selected groups will perform on Saturday, October 21, a selection has been made among the 52 groups presented, belonging to the Region of Murcia and the 48 proposals from the rest of Spain.

He October 21 The six proposals can be seen in three locations around the river:

The Old House on the Malecón


17:35 EVVE

Straw Square



Molinos del Río stables



The Big Up! takes the street again. UMusic will be there to experience this extensive program of talks, debates, meetings and, above all, music in an effervescent state. Stay tuned to our profiles on social networks.

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