La 15ª edición del Alhambra Monkey Week completa su cartel

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The 15th edition of Alhambra Monkey Week completes its lineup

The 15th edition of Alhambra Monkey Week completes its lineup

Although we already knew a good part of their activities and concerts, the fifteenth edition of the Alhambra Monkey Week has unveiled its complete lineup, announcing new artists, stages and speakers.

First of all we can start by remembering that this edition will take place once again in Sevillebetween the November 23 and 25with various stages spread throughout the city. If we start with the artists who are joining the lineup, we could list, on the national side, Dahlia, Ghouljaboythe members of Caliphate ¾ Lorenzo Soria and Sebastián Orellana (more guests), Megansito the Handsome and Miqui Brightside DJ Set. Regarding international, the Swedes join hearts and the Chileans The Simple Science. All of them join a lineup in which there are more than eighty confirmed artists with names like those of The planets (Essential Thirtieth Anniversary Concert), Za! and the Transmegacobla, Goodbye Loves, Adriano Galante, Ángeles, Víctor, Gloria and Javier, Camels, Clara Peya, Crudo Pimento, Jimena Amarillo, LaBlackie, La Paloma, Entertainment System, Vera Fauna either VVV (Trippin’ You)among many others. In any case, all the information and tickets are available in this same link.

As for the stages, there is the Alhambra Stage – which will be in a circus tent –, Espacio Santa Clara, SGAE Foundation Stage, Jägermusic bumper car track, Holiday Room, Fun Club Room, Mutante Bar, Room 2 and Even Room.

On the other hand, information is expanded in relation to the activities of the DICE Monkey Pro professional conferences, among which the 1st National Congress of Live Music Festivals coordinated by the FMA (Association of Music Festivals), the 18th Congress State Concert Halls of ACCES (State Coordinating Cultural Association of Concert Halls), the meeting of independent radio stations in Europe under the heading of IndieRE (Independent Radio Exchange) and promoted by the EMA-RTV, the UNIA Meetings on Artificial Intelligence, or Suntracks, the appointment with international music supervisors.

To which are added, of course, the artists selected for the Showcase Circuit, one more year coming from a call that this edition has received more than one thousand three hundred proposals from fifty-seven different countries, as well as the collaboration of initiatives such as AIEnRUTa-Artistas, UrbanAIE, Jägermusic, MIL Lisboa, ESNS Exchange, Navarra Music Commission, INAMU, Mad Cool Talent and Andalucía Flamenco – Instituto Andaluz de Flamenco. From these calls, in strict alphabetical order, the nationals AKA Matador, Angustias, Blu Boi, BOYE, Cosmic Wacho, Cristalino, Dharmacide, Diego Lara, Diphda, Doblecapa, Edu Requejo, Espineli, Gitano de Palo, HOFE x 4 have emerged: 40, José de los Camarones, Juárez, La Jvnta, Lisasinson, Laura Katze, Los 300, Los Sara Fontan, Manuel, Maragda, Marcelo Criminal, mariagrep, Marina Gallardo, Memocracia, Nico Roig, Nine Unknowns, Technical Orthopedics, Pinpilinpussies, Rosin de Palo, Sanisidro, Sherry Fino, Simona, Socunbohemio, Teo Planell, The Silver Linings, Tony Moreno (Eskorzo Dj Set), Uvemaster, Vatocholo, Vivi K and yavy. Coming from other countries, the Belgians Ada Oda, the Frenchman Simo Cell, the Mexicans Amantes del Futuro and Descartes a Kant, the Portuguese Cobrafuma, Maquina and Travo, the Argentineans El Plan de la Mariposa, End of the World and Everything Appears Normal, the Latvian Elizabete Balčus, the Greek Johnny Labelle, the Chilean Juani Mustard, the Italians Kill Your Boyfriend, the Lithuanian Monikaze, the Swiss Baby Volcano and the Ugandan Faizal Mostrizx. Emerging talent from all corners of the world! In addition, the Showcase Circuit will also open its doors one more year to various parties from national agencies and labels such as Casa Maracas, Vida Records, Maracuyeah!, Aloud Music, Spinda Records and Ground Control.

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