Habla De Mí En Presente y Ladilla Rusa se lanzan al “Poliamor”

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Talk About Me in the Present and Ladilla Rusa launch into “Polyamory”

Talk About Me in the Present and Ladilla Rusa launch into “Polyamory”

The Barcelonans Talk about me in the present tense They close their EP “Relaciones” by releasing a new song, “Poliamor”, in collaboration with Russian Crab.

Extravagance and kitsch are what rule now. And no, tell that to Ladilla Rusa and Habla de Mí En Presente, currently the closest thing to a costumbrista time machine and camp that we can find. Proof of this fact (beyond the fact that both trajectories certify this dynamic) is the new song that both bands have released together, “Poliamor”, in which dichotomies, double meanings and good vibes populate its lyrics and aesthetics, thus transporting us. to another sphere.

The song is accompanied by a video clip pachanguero which the kisses and hugs, the lascivious still lifes, the analog shots and the chic aesthetics take over the senses of those who see it, always with the boastful and self-conscious tone that characterizes both bands. The clip is signed by Ignasi Ávila Padrówho is visual director of Háblame de Mí en Presente.

On the other hand, the song closes the EP “Relations” (Halley, 23), made up of four songs and in which the Barcelona band also collaborates with Maruja Lemon. In addition, Háblame de Mí en Presente closes its stage and has already announced new material for 2024, which they will present at the Apollo Room the next May 18.

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