Sunny War pisará por primera vez la península con cuatro fechas

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Sunny War will set foot on the peninsula for the first time with four dates

Sunny War will set foot on the peninsula for the first time with four dates

The American artist Sunny War will set foot on the peninsula for the first time with four dates. The Zaragoza concert will be with free admission.

The promise of the American roots scene will present his fourth album “Anarchist Gospel”. The album mixes styles as diverse as folk-rock, country-western and gospel choirs. In this work we see a Sunny War in reconstruction, which captures how music helped her escape from a life of alcohol, drugs and crime to which she seemed destined from a very young age. “I feel like there are two versions of myself,” says the Nashville-based singer-songwriter. “One of her is very self-destructive, and the other tries to deal with the other half to keep things balanced.” That conflict is the central theme of her fourth album, which documents the moment when it seemed like the self-destructive part was going to win the fight. “This album represents a really confusing and unfortunate period of my life. But I feel like the worst is over. I learned that the best thing you can do is feel it and deal with it. Feel everything.”

We will be able to see Sunny War on four dates for the first time in Spain this fall. The artist is going to visit Zaragoza (October 31, Rock & Blues), Valencia (November 1, 16 tons; Alhambra Moments), Santiago (November 3, Riquela; Outono Códax Festival) and Madrid (November 5, El Sol; Alhambra Moments).

Tickets are now on sale for Valencia, Santiago and Madridwhile in Zaragoza we can enjoy a concert with free access.

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