Suede anuncian una edición deluxe de su álbum “Autofiction”

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Suede announce a deluxe edition of their album “Autofiction”

Suede announce a deluxe edition of their album “Autofiction”

The British suede They announce a luxurious reissue of their album “Autofiction”from 2022, an album that was excellently received and once again positioned the group among the greats of British independent pop.

The new release of suede “Autofiction: Expanded” It will consist of a set of three compact discs. The first of them will be his own “Autofiction”, which they officially released in 2022. The second CD will include six bonus tracks. Four of these songs were only available the week of the release of “Autofiction”, and now they can be enjoyed again, completing the album with which they shared the spotlight for a few days. These songs are “The Sadness In You, The Sadness In Me”, “Days Like Dead Moths”, “The Prey” and “Still Waiting”. In addition to these four songs, “You Don’t Know Me” (which was only released with the Japanese edition of the album) and the previously unreleased song “There Is No Me If There Is No You” will be included.
The last of the albums will be a live recording of the album “Autofiction” performed in its entirety during the British tour to present the album in March 2023, that is, just a few months ago. This release thus joins the entire series of reissues that Suede have been releasing in recent years and also serves to vindicate the current moment of a group whose validity on the British scene remains. You can now reserve “Autofiction: Expanded” through this link.

You can also read the interview that, a few days ago, we did with bassist Mat Osman, on the occasion of the band’s passage through the Our Fest from Ourense.

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