Steven Tyler acusado de agresión sexual por segunda vez

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Steven Tyler accused of sexual assault for the second time

Steven Tyler accused of sexual assault for the second time

A second woman has reported that in 1975 Steven Tyler He abused her and groped her in front of the rest of the people. Aerosmith and his entourage.

Jeanne Bellino is the woman who has claimed misconduct by the vocalist of Aerosmith in 1975, when she was just 17 years old and Tyler he had turned 27. The lawsuit was imposed on Thursday, November 2, in New York. The list of causes of the lawsuit includes gender violence and physical, mental and emotional injuries caused to the plaintiff.

The events date back to the summer of 1975 in New York. According to Bellino, a friend insisted on introducing her to the band in Manhattan, where she was working as a model. According to the plaintiff, the two friends stayed with Tylerhis entourage and the band on Sixth Avenue. Bellino He says he made a comment about one of the lyrics Aerosmith and Steven Tyler He seemed upset by the comment, then grabbed the girl by the hand and dragged her to a telephone booth against her will. He then narrates how, once in the cabin, Tyler He groped her breasts and genitals, tried to take off her clothes, and kissed her on the mouth repeatedly without her consent while the artist’s entourage watched and laughed without intervening.

According to the lawsuit, after getting away from the singer, Bellino She continued walking with the group because she depended on her friend’s transportation to return to Queens, where she lived, but she was in a state of shock. Everyone present walked to the Warwick Hotel where Tyler cornered again Jeanne Bellino against the wall at the entrance to the hotel bar and again pretended to be having sex with her. Bellino he freed himself again and Tyler He went up to his room. A friend of the singer pressured the minor to go up with the vocalist of Aerosmith to her room, but she refused and left the hotel.

Last December, another woman, Julia Holcombsued Steven Tyler for other events that occurred two years before the defendants Bellino. Holcombwho at that time was 16 years old (9 younger than Tyler), claims that the singer sexually assaulted her and used his power and fame to make her believe he was part of a romantic relationship. The relationship between the two lasted up to 3 years.

There is still no comment on this from Steven Tyler nor of their lawyers or representatives.

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