Standstill sueltan la liebre sobre su retorno en 2024

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Standstill releases the hare about its return in 2024

Standstill releases the hare about its return in 2024

It’s been eight years since Stand still They said goodbye with a tour that is part of the memory of the fans of this country and ten since their last album was released, “Inside the light”. Now everything indicates that the group is returning, but we still don’t know what this return will mean.

A few months ago a new page for the group was created on Instagram, subsequently photographs and videos of the career of what is one of the groups that best transitioned from hardcore to creating their own universe that ended up influencing countless bands in our scene were uploaded. and continues to do so today. We were even surprised to hear his “Adelante Bonaparte” being part of an advertising campaign for a brand, related to the Spanish league. All of this suggested that there could be some new news regarding the band or its discography, but now it has been Enric Montefusco himself who, along with the group’s page, has let loose.

In a video with images of various live performances by the group, we can see in conclusion a curtain in which “Standstill 2024” can be clearly read. There is not much more information, but we are sure that there will soon be more and that in a few months we will have the opportunity to enjoy a comeback tour that should once again place the band in the place they deserve, that is, among the greats. rock groups in Spanish.

As we said, it has been eight years since the group’s final tour and ten years since they published what remains their last studio work, “Inside the light”but we are already crossing our fingers that the news of the group is announced sooner rather than later and we can continue enjoying one of our favorite groups as a community.

It should be remembered that the members of the band have continued on various projects since the moment of their separation. Perhaps the most publicized career has been that of Enric Montefusco, the group’s singer and guitarist, although the rest of his members have continued to be active in projects such as Elvira, Love Of Lesbian, My Captain, Nudozurdo and many others.

So we will continue to report.

— Enric Montefusco (@EnricMontefusco) October 20, 2023

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