Sisters Of Mercy, mejor disco del rock gótico para Brooklyn Vegan

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Sisters Of Mercy, best gothic rock album for Brooklyn Vegan

Sisters Of Mercy, best gothic rock album for Brooklyn Vegan

The media specialized in alternative sounds Brooklyn Vegan has listed the thirteen best and most influential albums of what is known as gothic rock. The first place has been for “Floodland” of The Sisters Of Mercy.

After reviewing what gothic rock has been – from the eighties to bands like Nine Inch Nails or even The Horrors– those responsible for Brooklyn Vegan launch a short list of thirteen albums that, without a doubt, are great masterpieces of the genre. There is a long way to go, but no one is going to deny that all those selected are great works that deserve to be recovered now and always.

“Floodland” It only contained eight songs – or nine – but among them were many of the band’s greatest hits such as “Dominion/Mother Russia”, “Lucretia My Reflection” or “This Corrosion”.

In any case, the list combines from authentic gothic rock to dark post-punk, passing through more ambient sounds, others more garage and others halfway between similar genres. The complete list is as follows:

1) The Sisters Of Mercy “Floodland” (1987)
2) Siouxsie And The Banshees “Juju” (1981)
3) Joy Division “Closer” (1980)
4) The Cure “Faith” (1981)
5) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Tender Prey” (1988)
6) Bauhaus “Mask” (1981)
7) Cocteau Twins “Treasure” (1984)
8) This Mortal Coil “It’ll End In Tears” (1984)
9) Dead Can Dance “Spleen & Ideal” (1985)
10) Virgin Prunes “…If I Die, I Die” (1982)
11) The Cramps “Off The Bone” (1983)
12) The Chameleons “Script Of The Bridge” (1983)
13) Red Lorry Yellow Lorry “Talk About The Weather” (1985)

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