“Say It Like You Mean It", lo nuevo de Sleater-Kinney

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“Say It Like You Mean It”, the new release from Sleater-Kinney

“Say It Like You Mean It", the new release from Sleater-Kinney

American rock band Sleater-Kinney releases “Say It Like You Mean It”, a single that will be part of his next album “Little Rope”and that comes out January 19, 2024.

Sleater-Kinney, after releasing “Hell”, which was the first preview of this new album, share this exciting song accompanied by a music video. The duo, formed by Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownsteinwho were previously accompanied by the member Janet Weisswhich came out in 2019, they have given us a romantic and sad song of which Carrie herself directs the video clip.

In “Say It Like You Mean It”, the duo reflects on the breakup of a romantic relationship and the frustration that arises when a couple breaks up in bad ways. That is why in it we hear Corin sing “Say it like you mean it, I “need to hear it before you go, say it like you mean it, this goodbye hurts when you go” while a cinematic instrumental drags us through intense emotions.

In the video clip, directed by herself Carrie Brownsteinwe see the talented actress J. Smith-Cameron distraught in a fancy restaurant, drinking martinis and flirting; And the story tells how a woman has lost her sense of what is appropriate. With this single, and the previous “Hell”, the bar for the new album is set sky high, leaving expectations for this romantic and passionate sound. You can pre-save “Little Rope” in this link.

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