Santi Balmes echa la vista atrás en “Esa pieza que no encaja”

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Santi Balmes looks back on “That piece that doesn’t fit”

Santi Balmes looks back on “That piece that doesn't fit”

Santi Balmessinger and leader of the Barcelona band Love Of Lesbiansurprises us again with a new book in which he explores, together with the communicator and musician David Escamillathe journey that has led him to become the renowned composer he is today.

“That piece that doesn’t fit” (Principal de los Libros, 23) is not an autobiography, nor is it an exhaustive analysis of a discography that is no more and no less than twenty-five years old. This book is not intended to be either a declaration of intent or a distant essay. It is a work of fourteen chapters in which we rediscover Santi Balmes, an artist who, as happens in several cases, identified himself from the beginning as a piece that does not fit into the system. Balmes is one of those “strange beings” who at an early age realized that there was something that was not working as it should, or maybe it was?

Rehearsals instead of discos, “strange music” in the absence of hits, skill in disguising indifference towards a common job that everyone seemed to enjoy. Small clues told the artist that his path was going to be different and that perhaps not fitting in could be more of an opportunity than a misfortune.

In dialogue format, David Escamilla and Santi Balmes They analyze the creativity, talent and power of those who don’t feel like they belong anywhere. The book is now available in bookstores. “That piece that doesn’t fit” It joins other Santi Balmes titles such as “I will kill monsters for you”, “Song of Mist” either “The double life of fairies”.

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