Llega a nuestro país el libro de Rick Rubin sobre el arte de crear

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Rick Rubin’s book on the art of creating arrives in our country

Rick Rubin's book on the art of creating arrives in our country

American record producer Rick Rubin publishes in our country his well-known book on the act of creating. For now, its publication in Spanish and Catalan has been confirmed.

Legendary music producer Rick Rubin, multiple Grammy winner, mastermind behind productions for rap, rock, metal, pop bands and much more, and a master in the art of helping others connect with the sources of their own creativity, published some time ago a revered book titled “The Creative Act: A Way Of Being”. But the good news is that it now arrives in our country in Spanish and Catalan.

The book is published in Spanish as “The act of creating: a way of being” (Diana Editorial) and in Catalan as “L’acte creatiu: a way of being” (Books of the Kultrum), expanding the radius of action of a book in which Rubin intends to express in depth the vision of creativity with which he has been directing everyone for years. “I proposed to myself to write a book about how to create a great work of art and, instead, it revealed itself to be a book about being and the way of being” Rick confesses about the book.

Over the years and in his own words, Rubin has thought a lot about the origin of creativity: where it comes from and where it doesn’t, and he has learned that being an artist does not depend so much on a specific result, but on how we we relate to the world. That is why in this new book he tries to connect the reader with that source of organic creativity.

The book is available now in physical and online stores.

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