“Razzmatazz”, el directo de Andrés Calamaro, se publicará en físico

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“Razzmatazz”, the live performance by Andrés Calamaro, will be published physically

“Razzmatazz”, the live performance by Andrés Calamaro, will be published physically

The disc “Razzmatazz”from the live show he starred in Andres Calamaro in Barcelona in 2010 and which premiered on platforms in June, will finally be published in physical format on December 1st.

After the publication in digital edition last June of “Razzmatazz”, the physical release, both on DVD and vinyl, is announced for December 1. The album contains a recording of the concert that Calamaro gave at the Razzmatazz room (Barcelona) during the presentation tour of “On The Rocks” (10). The physical edition will contain the twenty-one songs from the show, including several classics from Calamaro’s vast production, both from his solo career and with The Rodriguezes; such as “Health, money and love”, “I’m going to sleep”, “My illness”, “Words more, words less” or “World Women’s Day”.

Calamaro’s group on that incendiary tour was made up of Candy Caramelo on bass, Julián Kanevsky, Diego García and Geny Avello on guitar, Tito Dávila as keyboardist and “El Niño” Bruno on drumsticks. The album has been produced by Calamaro and German Wiedemer, common in the works of the Buenos Aires artist. The cover, which reproduces a kintsugi figure, a Japanese technique for polishing ceramics that represents the repair of scars, is the work of the Argentine graphic designer. Ale Roswho has also worked for artists such as Fito Páez or Miranda!.

In addition to this live album, a new 140-gram vinyl edition of “The singer” (04), his glorious album of Latin American songs that includes classics like “Estadio Azteca”. You can reserve “Razzmatazz” at this same link.

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