Putochinomaricón abraza el indie pop en su nuevo single

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Putochinomaricón embraces indie pop in his new single

Putochinomaricón embraces indie pop in his new single

Putochinofaggot continues to attack intolerance. Now he releases the single “your father is a facha and your mother a terf”, new preview of “out of fashion”.

Chenta Tsai, known artistically as Putochinomaricón, has presented a new preview of what will be his next work, “out of fashion”second album of the four that will make up “SMHD (Content Art)”the new and immense project by the Madrid musician full of criticism and reflection on today’s society.

And the most curious thing is that “your father is a facha and your mother is a terf” takes different stylistic paths than the usual ones in the musician’s career. This time instead of electronic pop, Chenta Tsai moves in the indie pop of guitars next to Inaki Mendoza on the guitar and Fabiana Gimenez Barraz on drums, which they recorded in Chile, at the Lagartija Studios, with the sound engineer Pablo Galvez Cataldo. The mixture has also been made in Chile, by the hand of Ignacio Redard.

So now you know, you can sing along with Chenta phrases like: “You are a family rebel well / You make underground and bourgeois indie pop / You don’t want to bite the master’s hand / Because the master is your father and he feeds you” , or “You dress up and hide your bourgeois stink / You can see the El Corte Inglés label / Life resolved since before you were born.”

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