Estreno: “Atropellarte”, el nuevo single y videoclip de Banani

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Premiere: “Atropellarte”, Banani’s new single and video clip

Premiere: “Atropellarte”, Banani's new single and video clip

The Barcelona trio Banani – led, of course, by Bruno Banani – is, like many of us, tired of “current opinion”. And they talk about it in the video clip and single that we premiere today, “Atropellarte”.

“I want to run over you and keep you quiet forever” is a declaration of principles that Banani repeat in their song “Atropellarte”, the second of a triplet of singles that began with “Happy Twenty” and which marks the return of the project’s recording activity with the B-Core seal.

In just two and a half minutes without respite, in an unstoppable hit in the hypersonic and hyperactive style of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, the Barcelona band lets off steam, leaving us with musical images to remember. “I can’t wait to smash your face into the asphalt / while everyone ignores you!” It is a priceless refrain. Other phrases are precisely those that provide fuel for anger: those taglines like “I know everything”, “Shut up and learn / I’ve seen it on TV”, “Don’t do it like that / I do it better” or “Listen to me to me / who know what I’m talking about”, so typical of brothers-in-law, and that sound like arpeggiated choruses towards the middle of the song.

If you are tired of people who give their opinion on everything and instantly, of having to listen to millions of unfounded opinions with zero criteria, there is no doubt that “Atropellarte” is a single and a clip that deserves to be heard and viewed in repeat. And once you have done it, write down the date of presentation of this new Banani material. It will be the Saturday, November 18 in the Barcelona room Sidecar together with the Sevillians Victories. This is one of the concerts of the cycle Cruïlla Tardor 2023.

“Atropellarte” was composed suddenly during a group rehearsal at midnight. It has been recorded and mixed on-site by the band in the recording studio of Bruno Banani, guitarist and vocalist of the trio, and mastered by Víctor García from Ultramarinos.

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