Pete Townshend desvela que fue acusado por un político laborista

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Pete Townshend reveals he was accused by a Labor politician

Pete Townshend reveals he was accused by a Labor politician

The guitarist Pete Townshend reveals in an interview that the Labor party leader was the prosecuting lawyer in his controversial child pornography case.

In a recent interview for The Independent, Pete Townshend He has spoken openly about the case of possession of child pornography that was uncovered against him in 2003. According to the guitarist, he was researching pedophilia for his memoirs and paid seven pounds to access a child pornography page that he immediately canceled. The most surprising fact from the interview is that the prosecuting attorney in the case was Keir Starmerwho was in charge of the prosecution service at the time and is now the leader of the British Labor party.

According to Townshend, starmer He offered him the option of going to trial to present his case or accepting a warning. “I was terrified of going to trial. I thought they would use me as an icon, so I refused. I accepted the warning. So legally it can be argued that I am guilty of what I was accused of, which was downloading child pornography, which which I never did. In fact, I was campaigning and researching and trying to get to a place where I could be useful by pointing out where I was coming from.” The leader stated The Who at the interview.

Finally to Townshend He was cleared of the charges, but that did not prevent him from being part of the sex offender lists for five years. The British also commented to The Independent that this case had a psychological effect on him, but that he has a clear conscience because he knows what he really did.

Recently, Pete Townshend has published his first song in almost thirty years for charitable reasons. “Can’t Outrun The Truth” is a song whose proceeds are dedicated to campaigns to combat teen cancer.

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