“Pensando en ti”, el primer single de Tiburona para Montgrí

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“Pensando en ti”, Tiburona’s first single for Montgrí

“Pensando en ti”, Tiburona's first single for Montgrí

“Pensando en ti” is the first preview of the new album by Shark, “We are extinct”which will be available in January 2024. The band has signed with the label Montgri.

The new song by the Madrid trio talks about the obsession with achieving something and the loss of importance of said goal once achieved. “Pensando en ti” is a commentary on the toxicity of obsession built on a compact foundation, catchy melodies, and plenty of vocal arrangements. It is also the first song that Tiburona publishes on Montgrí, the label of Wind Cove, Vulk, Nick Lizard either The eliteamong others.

The song has been released with a video clip directed by Paula Puchi and Claudia Gracia. In the video, both the directors and Shark, have wanted to capture the violence implicit in the act of loving. A construction of “extreme love as something dangerous, dark and almost monstrous.”

“We extinct” will be the second album by the trio formed by Laura del Amo, Rita Dolores and Super Carmen Merinoafter “Alone and happy” (twenty-one). This new project promises to continue transmitting the energy of the three members of the band, with punk and garage sounds and the sharp lyrics that star in its songs. This new work is recorded by Raul Perez and Borja Perezproduced by Shark and you will see the light in January 2024.

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