Parquesvr reparten a unos y otros en “Todos menos tú”

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Parquesvr distributes to each other in “Everyone but you”

Parquesvr distributes to each other in “Everyone but you”

Madrileños Parksvr premiere their particular tribute to Joaquin Sabina with the theme “Everyone but you”, in collaboration with I-Ace.

More than three decades ago, Joaquin Sabina threw “Physics and chemistry”. From the iconic lyrics of the Madrid native’s album (“And they gave us ten”, “The one with the lame pirate”), Parksvr have decided to pay tribute to the song “Everyone but you”. At the beginning of the nineties, Sabina made an X-ray of the characters that made up the scene at the time and, now, Parksvr They wanted to update that catalog to current times.

The group led by Javi Ferrara has had, for this song, the collaboration of I-Acemember of Agorazein and Antifan. Among the characters mentioned in this new topic, we find icons of current society such as David Broncano, Ana Obregón, Izal, Samantha Hudson, Stool either Pantomime Full. A portrait of the media scene that pays tribute to the lyrics of Joaquin Sabina at the same time that it portrays the panorama of the year 2023.

We will soon be able to see Parksvr in Madrid (November 17, Sala Copérnico; with Jordi Ganchitos). Tickets are available through this link.

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