Nudozurdo vuelven por sorpresa y anuncian gira

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Nudozurdo return by surprise and announce tour

Nudozurdo return by surprise and announce tour

It has been a surprise return. Left-handed They performed yesterday at El Sol in Madrid to announce not only their return, but a twelve-date tour, for the moment.

One of the most beloved groups on the independent scene in our country returns to activity unexpectedly. They have done so with a special concert in Madrid, at the El Sol room, in which they have proven to be in perfect shape and with their batteries charged to face a new stage in their career, with a dozen concerts announced for next year.

The group began its career in 2002 and went through many changes in its lineup, always with Leopoldo Mateos at the helm, and in its structure, until they left in 2018. In other words, we have them back five years after their separation. It will be a pleasure to listen to songs from albums like “Knot-left” (02), “Synthetic” (08), “Female Motor Tare” (eleven), “Ultrapressure” (12), “Red is danger” (15) and “Amateur Voyeur” (17).

The cities through which the tour will pass are the following: Oviedo (January 26, La Salvaje), Valladolid (January 27, Cientocero), Vigo (February 9, Radar Estudios), A Coruña (February 10, Mardi Gras), Bilbao (February 15, Kutxa Belta), Donosti (February 16, Dabadaba), Granada (March 1, Ground Floor), Seville (March 2, Malandar), Valencia (March 7, 16 Tons), Murcia (March 8, Spectrum), Zaragoza (March 22, Sala López) and Barcelona (March 23 , Apollo 2).

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