Morad agota las localidades de su gira por Europa

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Morad sells out his European tour

Morad sells out his European tour

Morad hang the sign sold out on all the dates and cities of his European tour that takes him to a total of eleven countries on the continent.

The rapper from Hospitalet del Llobregat has conquered Europe with the tour that this fall takes him to give fifteen concerts around different cities. Tickets are sold out for all dates and demonstrates the artist’s state of form and fame, even outside Spanish borders.

Morad In recent years he has become one of the most listened to Spanish artists. His success crosses borders and has been part of the hit lists in several European countries. Hits like “Pelele” or his BZRP session will sound throughout the continent in the “Morad Euro Tour 2023” along with the songs from his latest album, released in May. “Reinserted” It consists of nineteen songs and several collaborations with artists with international prestige such as Eladio Carrión either Nicky Nicole.

He “Morad Euro Tour 2023” has already passed through Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Luxembourg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Stockholmwhile there are still appointments in Oslo (November 6, Rockefeller), Hamburg (November 8, Docks), Berlin (November 9, Huxleys), Zurich (November 10, Halle 622), Munich (November 12, Muffathale) and Milan (November 13, Fabrique).

After touring Europe, Morad will return to Spain to complete this “Reinserted Tour” in which he will present his latest album live. We can see it in Bilbao (November 18, Sala Cubec), Seville (December 15, Cartuja Center), Córdoba (December 16, Impala), Málaga (December 17, Paris Room 15) and Barcelona (St. Jordi Club, January 19, 20 and 21). Tickets can be purchased through this link and tickets are already sold out for some dates.

Let us also remember that Morad you will see each other’s faces Dellafuente he December 12 and 13 at the WiZink Center in Madrid, forming part of the new concept Red Bull Soundclash which is celebrated for the first time in our country.

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