Medalla invitan a Valdivia a acompañarles en “DUELO”

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Medalla invite Valdivia to accompany them in “DUELO”

Medalla invite Valdivia to accompany them in “DUELO”

The Barcelona band Medal collaborates with the Madrid artist Valdivia in their new preview, “DUELO”, which will be part of their next album to be published in November.

“DUELO” is the latest preview of what will be the fourth full-length by the Barcelona group Medalla, which will have the same title and will be released on November 8th in Dungeon Studya record label owned by the band.

In this case, the Madrid artist Valdivia joins Medalla to sing a duet in a ballad with a profound text about “the emotional management of loss. The song talks about embracing the pain and sadness when experiencing a close death, about taking “as long as it takes to live that grief.”

In “DUELO” the Barcelona band opts for a more intimate record, starting with the participation of the album’s producer, Sergio Perez (SVPER), to the Spanish guitar to grow in instrumental and emotional intensity, adding layers of orchestration with violins, trumpets and synthesizers while the voices of Valdivia and Sueiro (Medalla) dialogue and break into a moving performance.

The single is accompanied by a video making of with images recorded by the band itself during the album recording sessions with the producer Sergio Pérez Garcíawho has also worked with Women, Twilight Joe, Baiuca either The Well Belovedin addition to being one of the members of SVPER.

“DUEL” will include thirteen songs and will be a concept album that will have two different covers in its limited edition vinyl (available on Medalla’s Bandcamp)

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