Maika Makosvki en castellano junto a Ovidi Tormo (Los Zigarros)

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Maika Makosvki in Spanish with Ovidi Tormo (Los Zigarros)

Maika Makosvki in Spanish with Ovidi Tormo (Los Zigarros)

Maika Makovski debuts in Spanish with his new single “If you want me”, which he performs and sings with Ovidi Tormo of The Zigarros.

After eight albums in English in his extensive career, Maika Makovski He releases the first song in Spanish of his career, “Si tú me Quiero”, a love letter that was initially composed to be performed by Ovidi Tormo’s band, Los Zigarros. In addition, both have starred in the video clip with which they released the song. The song completes his previous Makovski’s “Bunch Of Little Burdens”.

This is how this new stage begins in which Maika Makovski embarks with the help of Gin Música, her management and Cultura Rock Records, her label, and with which she is immersed in a tour of Europe that has already had a stop in London and a double date in Madrid. The artist will soon visit: Bilbao, on November 5 at the BBK room; Alicante, on November 17 at the M-Fest, Lanzarote and La Graciosa, on November 18 and 19 at the Canari Festival; Valencia, on November 25 at La Pèrgola de Cervezas Alhambra; and finally in Skopje (Macedonia), on November 30 at the Pin Festival.

In addition, the artist has just announced two special Christmas concerts: Maika Makovski’s New Year’s Musical Bingo, he December 29 in the Upload room (Barcelona) and December 30 in El Sol (Madrid). It will be a unique event, full of gifts and surprises, where the setlist will be chosen through a raffle and through the public’s bingo cards.

You can check the dates and buy tickets for Maika Makovski’s concerts at this link.

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