La madrileña sala Berlanga acoge Nuevos Horizontes Sonoros

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Madrid’s Berlanga room hosts Nuevos Horizontes Sonoros

Madrid's Berlanga room hosts Nuevos Horizontes Sonoros

These next Wednesday and Thursday, October 18 and 19 the madrilenian Berlanga Room will offer a new series of concerts with performances by Pau Corea, Sofia Comas, Alejandro Pelayo and Alex Aller.

Concert series fulfill a vital function in local scenes, beyond expanding the references of the city’s programming: it is about the possibility of creating spaces of cohesion between projects under a premeditated selection. This new cycle proposes to explore the limits between the pop and electronic genres under four proposals far from conventional formats.

The cycle, which is born from the collaboration between The SGAE Foundation with Unió Musical Editionsy Wise Music Group, It will also play with the space in which it will take place, since it is a movie theater, which will allow a unique experience in both the audio and visual parts.

Regarding programming, Alex Aller will present The Shelterhis experimental piano and cello project, with the visuals of Irene Sáenz, while Sofia Comasfor its part, will invoke ritual magic through its contrast of tradition and avant-garde with its “To a red bird”. On the other hand, the pianist Alejandro Pelayo will be in charge of opening the second day accompanied on stage by the producer and musician Pablo Pulido. The musician and producer Paul KoreaFinally, he will unpack the new steps of his pop evolution, which can be seen in the reflection of Bon Iver or of James Blake.

Tickets can be purchased on October 18 and 19 at the box office, although for the most eagerly awaited ones, they can now be purchased through

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