Madbel estrena single y comparte primeras fechas de gira

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Madbel releases single and shares first tour dates

Madbel releases single and shares first tour dates

The Murcian artist Madbel presents “X QUERERME”, the sixth single from his upcoming debut album, “Humming”and announces the first dates of the tour that will begin at the end of October.

In this new single, Madbel continues to delve into her rebellious and nonconformist personality with a clear and resounding message: ‘If you don’t like what I am, it’s your fault for loving me.’ The song continues in the musical and conceptual line of her previous single “Hamburguesa”, in which she claims her personal freedom and the right to make mistakes. It is an electro-rock shock, full of nineties sounds, that comes straight in with acidic lyrics full of character.

“X QUERERME” was composed by Madbel, produced by herself and Jorge Guirao (Second)mixed by Raul de Lara and mastered by Antonio Navarro at Eriatarka Mastering.4

In addition, the artist has already confirmed the first dates of her next tour “Tara Tour” which will begin at the end of October and will last until March. The first confirmed dates are: October 28 (Epicentro Festival, Mula), November 11 (Discos Bora Bora, Granada), December 1 (La Lata de Bombillas, Zaragoza), December 16 (TBC, Valencia), February 9, 2024 (La Yesería, Murcia), February 16 (Confetti, Alicante) and March 9 (Café La Palma, Madrid).

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