Love Of Lesbian desmienten el parón indefinido

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Love Of Lesbian deny the indefinite hiatus

Love Of Lesbian deny the indefinite hiatus

Love Of Lesbian They deny that they are going to take an indefinite break, as was implied in a news article published by several media outlets yesterday. The misunderstanding arises from a decontextualized statement of Santi Balmes in RAC1.

It has been more than twenty-five years since the members of Love Of Lesbian They started playing together. Since in 2000 they were the opening act for The Cure in its ““Dream Tour”their fame and relevance have not stopped growing until they have become one of the most important bands on the Spanish scene, switching from English to Spanish and signing along the way a long list of singable hits that fans know perfectly.

In an interview for RAC1singer and composer Santi Balmes has spoken about the future of the group, which will release a new album in a few months and will announce the subsequent presentation tour through countless cities. When talking about the future, Balmes pointed out that later we would see the pace his steps take, but he never said anything related to any break in his career.

The only thing that has been raised is that after a new album and a new tour, they don’t know what will come, if the pace of work will change, if they will go straight into recording a next album, etc. That is to say, there is still a lot of time to consider what Love Of Lesbian are going to do in three or four years. Of course, what he says is that he would like to compose something in Catalan.

In any case, what is clear is that we will be able to see them in Seville (May 17 and 18, Interstellar Seville) and Valencia (June 8, City of Arts and Sciences; Arts Festival). Tickets are on sale at official website of Love Of Lesbian. Now let’s wait to hear new material from the group and see what the future holds for us as their followers.

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