El Let's Festival anuncia sus primeros artistas para 2024

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Let’s Festival announces its first artists for 2024

Let's Festival announces its first artists for 2024

The already well-established Barcelona event Let’s Festival 2024which will take place during the months of February and March, surprises us with an interesting first list of artists who will be part of its next edition.

The 19th edition of the music festival in 2024 has announced prominent and emerging artists for the concerts it will do in four rooms in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona): El Pumarejo, Salamandra Room, Espai Zowie and River Room. Among the first artists confirmed for the next edition, established names stand out such as Jimena Amarillo, El Columpio Asesino, La Trinidad, La Ludwig Band either Lildami –who will premiere a live show in band format–, but also emerging artists with great projection such as Cristina Len, Flora either Lusillon.

In addition, this time, it will also feature some international names such as the British Fujiya & Miyagiwho have attended the main festivals in the world, which have led them to support legends such as New Order either Rodriguez, and now they will be the first to open the Pumarejo room. As usual, the Salamandra will be the room in charge of hosting the proposals that lead the festival’s programming. The opening concert of the 19th edition of Let’s will be that of the Valencian Jimena Yellowwho will perform for the second time at the festival, but this time already established as a reference for new state pop and presenting her second album “Grief is not comfortable”.

The new room in the city, the River Room, will feature the artist from Salamanca Cristina Len, which fuses electronic music with the sounds of its land. At the Espai Zowie there will be a night of underground punk-pop with the Valencians The blame and the Barcelonans The Yolostwo emerging groups that perfectly serve garage, punk and pop sounds and melodies.

The people from Granada will also perform in this room Da Silva Collectivea band with its own sound, GINan emerging artist from Baix Llobregat with influences ranging from jazz to pop, those from Madrid The Petunias with their “punk monkey” and the people of Malaga The Trinity.

You can expand the information and get tickets at this same link.

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