Kerry King confirma proyecto musical post-Slayer

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Kerry King confirms post-Slayer musical project

Kerry King confirms post-Slayer musical project

Kerry Kingthe guitarist and co-leader of the legendary thrash metal band Slayerhas confirmed that his new musical project after the group’s separation will see the light of day in 2024.

Slayer was a Californian thrash metal band formed in 1981, whose successes included their third studio album. “Reign In Blood” (86) with which they made a place in the classification of “The Big Four” of thrash metal, a name for the most influential bands of that sound along with Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax.

Finally, after their last world tour, which concluded in 2019, the band broke up, followed by rumors that the vocalist and bassist Tom Araya I didn’t want to continue with the musical project. Kerry King now confirms his post-Slayer project will be released in 2024. He has also confirmed that Slayer’s drummer, Paul Bostaphwill be involved.

The project, currently unnamed, will arrive sometime next year. The announcement was made through his Facebook, where she shared an image of a chain that he used to use on stage, resting on what appears to be a stage. In addition, King also stated that he was ready to launch the project in early 2020, but due to problems with the Covid-19 pandemic everything was delayed.

According to King, his solo project will sound like any Slayer album, maintaining the sound and essence of his solo career, and continuing the frenetic legacy of the group’s sound. Earlier this year, King also said that he thought Slayer’s breakup in 2019 was premature. Speaking to hard rock magazine Metal Hammer about the end of Slayer, King said that he felt that Slayer was still capable of continuing to offer more music and shows, although now he will be in charge of continuing to bring music with the same essence.

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