Jota (Los Planetas), Zabala y J Martina en la 65ª edición de Zinebi

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Jota (Los Planetas), Zabala and J Martina at the 65th edition of Zinebi

Jota (Los Planetas), Zabala and J Martina at the 65th edition of Zinebi

The Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival will take place from November 10 to 17 and will screen 128 films from 43 countries, among other activities.

In the new edition of Zinebi, which starts this coming Friday, 128 films from 43 states will be screened. Of them, more than half are premieres in the State, and more than half have been directed by women. María Goiricelaya and Ane Pikaza will direct the opening and closing ceremonies, two meetings where the ambient electronics of Zabala at the beginning and artistic versatility J Martina At the closing of the Festival, they will shine in two ceremonies that will highlight the diversity, commitment and work of all those people behind the camera. The edition will end with the concert of Jot of The planetswho will present his show at the Arriaga Theater on November 18 “Full pause”, the musicalization project of part of the film archive of the Gipuzkoan filmmaker Ivan Zulueta. It will be the cherry on top of the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Basque filmmaker and designer, which will include the projection of all the materials recovered and digitized in 4K by Filmoteca Española from Zulueta’s own archive, and which had remained unpublished until recently. of one year. In total, and under the title of “A/Z Zulueta unreleased”, there are almost eight hours of materials that were believed to be lost or whose existence there was practically no evidence. Their time span covers five decades: from the 1930s when Iván’s parents were the ones filming until the end of the 1980s. Due to the number of pieces to be projected, it has been decided to include only the last of the films. screenings of this cycle curated by Josetxo Cerdán Los Arcos and Miguel Fernández Labayen on the dates on which the 65th edition of the Festival will be held (specifically, Wednesday, November 15).

Two other musical activities worth highlighting are the screening of the documentary about Manolo Kabezabolo and the performance “Ez Bultza Egin! Ebe!” Inspired by the classic Japanese manga and anime “Akira”through a collective exercise of review and reinterpretation from the perspective of contemporary cultural and artistic production

As we announced previously, ZINEBI will screen in the Official Section nine feature films from as many countries (United States, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, China, Chile, France and Euskadi), and they will compete for the ZIFF Grand Prize, worth €12,000 (the highest amount of the entire Festival prize list), and for the Young Jury Prize (UPV/EHU), which will be awarded by a jury made up of film and audiovisual students from universities and other study centers throughout the State (including, for the first time , students of the ECAM), endowed with €2,000. The first of the Mikeldi de Honor of its 65th edition will be awarded to Frederick Wiseman (Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 1930) for his decisive contribution to the definition of what we mostly understand as cinematographic documentary, and specifically in the field of observational documentary.

All the information in the Zinebi website.

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