Joel Sarakula y Phil Martin se alían en el proyecto New Visionaries

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Joel Sarakula and Phil Martin team up on the New Visionaries project

Joel Sarakula and Phil Martin team up on the New Visionaries project

Joel Sarakula and Phil Martin create the duo New Visionarieswho have already shared their first single, “Summer Rain”, which serves as a preview of what will be their debut album together.

The most suggestive groove of neo soul has new sailors, and they already promise to take over its waters soon. After having stood out in the current soul and funk scene, the Australian – although resident in the United Kingdom – Joel Sarakula and the Dutchman Phil Martin have decided to join forces and present their new project, New Visionaries, to the world. Born from the unexpected and the casual, the artists have already presented their first single, “Summer Rain”, which already reveals the intentions of the new duo in terms of typology of sounds and layers: from neo soul to trip hop, passing through funk and also soul-hop.

Despite having a clear influence from the scenes from which both artists come –soul and funk–, New Visionaries also has undeniably contemporary references, from which names such as Maribou State either Khruangbin and which are now musical pedestals for the new groove duo.

On the other hand, the debut single “Summer Rain” has been recorded with analog instruments in the Sarakula studio and has had the collaboration of the British vocalist Hannah Williams. It should also be said that this single is only the beginning of her adventure, since the song will serve as a preview of what will be her new album, “Roadmaps”which will be released in the coming months by the Spanish label lovemonk.

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