Joe Crepúsculo comparte más versiones de “Mi fábrica de baile”

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Joe Crepúsculo shares more versions of “My Dance Factory”

Joe Crepúsculo shares more versions of “My Dance Factory”

“My dance factory” is one of the biggest hits of Joe Twilight. Now publish “My engine in motion”an EP of versions of this song by other artists.

It’s been ten years since Joe Twilight released his album “Wizards’ Dance”. The big single from that album is without a doubt “My factory of dance”, which has become an anthem for the artist’s fans. To celebrate that the topic has been with us for a decade, Joe Twilight has published, by surprise, an EP with seven versions of this song in which he has had several collaborators.

He September 13ththe group Camels presented a rock version of the song that would be the starting signal for the collection of reviews that has arrived in just a month. “My Rock Dance Factory” was followed by an Italian version of the song called “La mia Industria di Ballo”, “My Cumbia Dance Factory” with Mexican Institute of Sound“My Dance Factory Aaron “Conga” Rux” with Aaron Rux“My bulerías dance factory” with Tomasito“My Boogaloo Dance Factory (Dance Factory)” with Tito Ramirez and “My dance factory 2023”.

And the best thing about the release is that each of those involved has taken the song to their own field without it having lost all its melodic strength and its addictive character. Come on, the song can be danced in all types of venues right now. In addition to this EP, Joe Twilight has shared a video through YouTube with images compiled from live performances with the song “My dance factory 2023” to celebrate ten years of the original song.

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