Jimena Amarillo e Irenegarry juntas no en uno, sino en dos temas

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Jimena Amarillo and Irenegarry together in not one, but two songs

Jimena Yellow and Irenegarry They collaborate on two songs, “Hablarte bien” and “Rachas”, which form the double single “melted“, and they are now available. A perfect way to discover how both creators complement each other.

Jimena Amarillo, Murcian singer-songwriter with hit songs like “Cafeliko”, which has accumulated millions of views on Spotify, and Irene Garrido, known by her nickname Irenegarry and promise of new Spanish pop, have decided to publish two songs together that reflect the madness that feel for the capital in summer.

“When we started them we were both quite disappointed and a little on the same page. We thought it was fun to be crazy with sadness together. We met three or four other times, with the windows open sweating like chickens in the middle of July and we decided that we would take out both in honor to this strange summer” they say about how the project came about in Madrid.

The song brings together the best of both artists; the alternative sound and lyrical style of Jimena and the pop and personal essence of Irene.

As for Jimena Amarillo’s concerts, we will be able to see her performing on these dates: October 14 (Love To Rock, Valencia), October 27 (Berlin Social Club, Almería), October 28 (Baluarte Concert, Alicante), November 4 (El Tren Room, Granada), November 1st (Fira Trovam, Castellón), November 23-26 (Monkey Week, Seville), December 2 (El Pantalán, A Coruña), December 16 (López, Zaragoza), January 4 (Santaspascuas, Pamplona) and May 17-18 (Interstellar, Seville).

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