Se publica “In Her Words”,  libro de textos personales de Amy Winehouse

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“In Her Words”, Amy Winehouse’s personal textbook, is published

“In Her Words”, Amy Winehouse's personal textbook, is published

In honor of this year Amy Winehouse would be forty years old, we have not been the only ones who have paid tribute to the artist – on the cover of Travis Birds this month – but the publisher harper collins has published a book with letters and personal texts

Although the British artist unfortunately died in 2011, in her twenty-seven years of life she gave enough to the world to change the history of music and become a legend with a great legacy. Now, forty years after her birth, the publishing house harper collins Has published “Amy Winehouse: In Her Words“, a book based on the artist’s personal confessions, letters, drawings, photographs and songs under her own lyrics. In addition, the publisher announced that all proceeds from the sale of the books and royalties will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

“Amy Winehouse: In Her Words” reveals her “incredible talent as a writer, her wit, her charm and her passion for life. Compiling for the first time never-before-seen diaries of Amy herself, handwritten letters and family photographs, this intimate tribute traces her creative evolution since she grew up in North London to global stardom, providing a rare insight into the girl who grew up to become a legend,” says the book’s official description.

The singer’s parents, Janis and Mitch, gave their approval for this project, and in fact they were the ones who helped gather many of these documents and personal memorabilia. In addition, they are also the ones who wrote the prologue of the book. “This beautiful new collection of Amy’s notes and reflections shows her funny and witty side of her. We wanted to share it with Amy’s fans so they too can enjoy it, in her own words.” , they wrote.

At the moment the book is only published in English and can be obtained on countless online sales platforms.

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