Galder Izaguirre (Berri Txarrak, Dut, Kuraia) inicia una carrera en solitario

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Galder Izaguirre (Berri Txarrak, Dut, Kuraia) begins a solo career

Galder Izaguirre (Berri Txarrak, Dut, Kuraia) begins a solo career

Galder Izaguirreknown above all for being the forceful drummer of Berri Txarrak and having been part of Dut and Kuraia, takes a step forward in his career and releases “Ilunabarrean”, a single that will lead to his first solo album

It seems that someone has decided to follow in the wake of the sunset, and it is none other than Galder, or the one who with such precision was in charge of the drums of the legendary rock band Berri Txarrak for more than a decade. Decided therefore to continue his musical career, the drummer has presented material for the first time, “Ilunabarrean”, a commitment to an electronic sound far removed from the sound of the band that made him famous. The single, then, will only mark the beginning, since the Basque artist has announced that next November 23 his first album will be released, “Esc” (23).

“Ilunabarrean” (“sunset” in Basque), is presented as a post-punk ode where electronics and synthesizers take flight and the guitars wait in the background, while the bass is vibrant and forceful. Galder claims to have been inspired by the rock band Kuraia, where he also played, and from which he draws the title of his new song – referencing the song “Egunsentian” (“Dawn”, in Basque) -.

Be that as it may, Galder’s first solo work will be published by the Basque label Forbbiden Colors Diskoetxeaand can be heard on all platforms next November 23thus marking the beginning of a career that seems more than interesting.

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