FiestUP organiza un homenaje al músico y poeta Sergio Algora

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FiestUP organizes a tribute to the musician and poet Sergio Algora

FiestUP organizes a tribute to the musician and poet Sergio Algora

Within the framework of the festival PartyUPseveral poets and musicians will gather to pay tribute to Sergio Algora. The event, along with other activities, will take place on October 21 at the ETOPIA center in Zaragoza.

PartyUP It is defined as a party to celebrate the Universal Poem, a collective work that already contains more than 50,000 verses. The longest poem in history and the poetic work with the most authors will not be the only protagonist of the event, since there will be an event to honor the musician and poet from Zaragoza Sergio Algora.

The participants in the PartyUP They want to vindicate the poet aspect that he had Algora (died in 2008), in addition to his work as a lyricist and musician for groups such as The Worm Boy, Very few people either Costa brava.

The activities proposed in the PartyUP They are diverse and aim to show the global and unprejudiced nature of poetry. Artificial intelligence will also be relevant in several of the workshops and debates. There will be forums, musical installations, workshops and a concert by Saffron Varieties. Starting at 8 p.m., the events dedicated to Algora. First a meeting between the poets Jesus Jimenez Dominguez, Sebas Puente Letamendi, Miguel Serrano Larraz and David Mayor; later, a concert with the artists Belgian Elle, Ricardo Vicente (La Costa Brava), Roberto Herreros (Grande-Marlaska), Sebas Puente (Tachenko), kyiv When It Snows (Javier Aquilué and Antxon Corcuera), Midfielder (Francho Pastor Algora) and Skull (Alex Ortega).

All events will take place on Saturday afternoon October 21at the arts and technology center Etopia of Zaragoza. Admission is free, and access is free for all events, except for the writing workshop which requires registration through this link.

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