Erik Urano actuará gratis en Barcelona el próximo viernes

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Erik Urano will perform for free in Barcelona next Friday

Erik Urano will perform for free in Barcelona next Friday

In a situation that is really not very common in the panorama, the rapper Erik Urano has decided that his concert in Barcelona is free for all the public who come to the room on next Friday, October 13th.

The rapper from Valladolid has decided to perform for free at the Barcelona venue The (2) of Apollo he next October 13. The musician has made this decision because until now there was no good pre-sale of tickets. Thus, the rapper has taken a step forward by making a very unusual decision in the sector, but he should get more people to enjoy his proposal or find out if it has not been the case.

The situation was nothing out of this world: Erik Urano decided to pre-sell his concert at 14 euros, but the method was not responding and the sales figures were not good. This situation, far from leading him to withdraw from the show, put him on a radically opposite path: giving away the ticket to his concert. In a statement explaining the decision, the Barcelona artist states that “Life in general and in music in particular, rarely the shortest path is the straight one, what is certain is that there are no shortcuts.”

In the statement, Erik Urano also delves into the economic conditions when giving concerts, the expectations at shows and the inscrutable paths that experience can give the artist. “It has been several years that have led me to realize that our function here is not that, a long time ago I understood that I do not travel the path of art in the search for a goal or objective, but that my search when traveling the path It’s the only arrival point I need.”

On the other hand, the artist has promised a free, quality live show. Uranus, which he took out a year ago “Qubits” (22), an album which gave him good reviews, will now promote his new single “Radioactivity” at the Apolo for free and through this link that the artist himself has provided.

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